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 GANT Premium Lifestyle Brand 


Hansfords Menswear is now a substantial stockist of the Gant brand and in the short time that we have held it it has been incredibly successful – it just goes from strength to strength. The Gant premium lifestyle brand combines high quality New England lifestyle products built upon Gant’s traditions with European elegance.. The company’s values are based on its authentic American East Coast heritage, dating back to the launch of the brand in 1949

Gant is all about feeling really well dressed without without having to make any effort.

 SSSSince then then they have expanded and developed , with European influences in the fabrics, designs, and in the lifestyle offer and are now a truly global lifestyle brand. Gant offers a complete head to toe range of clothing for Men,including accessories.

Gant started on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and that nautical heritage can still be felt today.

 Gant's story begins with Bernard Gant making shirts in New Haven,connecticut in1949. He soon turned his desire for quality and design into a successful business making casual clothing 

.Bernard Gant the founder 

His sons, Marty and Elliot,as they grew up, joined the company and followed their father's commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail in garment design

Marty and Elliot Gant outside the original factory

 Even today, Bernard Gant's ideas are the main driving force behind Gant's basic brand values ; integrity, refinement, character, understanding and optimism.
    Everything Gant does originates from the shirt. It is the very foundation upon which the Gant brand was built. Gant invented a number of creative tailoring features such as the “locker loop”, the box pleat and the third button down, on the back of the collar, for keeping the tie in place. These features, along with the introduction of the button-down shirt in the US, have given Gant a place in fashion history.

GANT presents rich tradition of high quality clothing. It combines American casualness with European elegance,and its values are linked to an  American East Coast heritage.

   Gant has a history of strong international growth, and is today established in over 60 countries through 600 Gant stores and a large number of selected premium retailers.