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  •  Single breasted 2 button with 2 vents
  • Tweed Jackets
  • 100% All Wool Jackets
  • Navy blazers - single and double breasted
  • Sizes 36-56 chest
  • Fittings in short,regular and long
  • A variety of Winter Weight cloths
  • Prices £169 to £349


  • Magee
  • Digel
  • Giordano
  • The Label
  • Santinelli

Country tweed sports jacket with matching waistcoat

Links To Our Suppliers

For a more in-depth view of garments that we sell,why not visit our suppliers websites by clicking on their names below?

Magee jackets, traditional styling using cloth made in their own factories and cut with precision

Warm brown  tweed sports jacket for the winter season

Winter weight Blazers and Sports Jackets