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  • Plains
  • Patterns
  • V - neck
  • Crew - neck
  • Sleeveless slipovers
  • Cardigans
  • Knitted waistcoats
  • Summer Weights
  • Prices: £55.00 - £120.00

Montechiaro fashion knitwear made in italy to an exceptional standard and a very distinctive look.


  • Franco Ponti
  • Montechiaro
  • Bugatti
  • SlaithSlaith

  Links To Our Suppliers

For a more in-depth view of garments that we sell,why not visit our suppliers websites by clicking on their names below.

Franco Ponti,our best selling plain knitwear.Made in italy it comes in v neck, crew neck and polo neck also as all types of cardigan and in a multitude of colours.

Wilson and Sloane Knitwear updates the classics, but with a contemporary edge.Natural fibres such as Pima Cotton and Merino Wool are mainly used in their jumpers to achieve maximum comfort with durability and style.

Slaith, the finest knitwear with a superior fit. The softest knitwear you've ever touched. Lighter, yet stronger and more durable than anything that's gone before.And it's made here in britain.