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 Meyer is one of Europe´s leading specialists for men´s trousers. Founded in 1960 in Waldbröl, in the Bergisches Land region of Germany, this family owned and run business now sells it's trousers to over 4,000 retailers worldwide.Their success story is based on maintaining quality, down to the smallest detail and it's now in its second generation!

Wool mixture trousers from Meyer guaranteed to always look smart

 High quality materials, superb fit and functional design are what make meyer trousers so unique. Couple that with their many years of experience and their sense of style and design and then you have a world class product.

Comfortable casual cotton chinos from Meyer

 Their main goal has always been to produce the highest quality trouser possible, so they only use the best quality materials such as pure virgin wool, the finest cotton and airy kapok.Precision tailoring is what they aim at using the latest computer aided cutting technology and a dedicated staff with years of experience and a high degree of craftmanship,

close up view of the precision with which they cut a sew at Meyer

 In addition, during production they have quality controls that guarantee that every pair of trousers is of perfect quality. Only this unique mix of precise technology and individual workers´ experience can create an original pair of Meyer trousers.

Cotton trouser made to exacting standards by Meyer

 Post production they have their own laundry, with an integrated water treatment plant, used to remove all traces of the ecologically friendly additives used when making a Meyer garment ,ensuring no damage to the environment occurs.

Denim jeans and cotton jeans from Meyer

 All Meyer trousers are Fair Trade certified and every pair is checked for compliance with their high manufacturing standards.which allows them to guarantee that only the highest–quality products leave the factory