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Hansfords Menswear is probably the largest stockist of these shirts in the UK. And here we try to give some insight into this unique brand,whose distinctive use of contrasting and patterned interior collar and cuff trims,combined with extremely high quality fabrics and superb make quality,has led to them being so successful.

Oscar of Sweden is a family owned business,founded in 1949 and originally run from a small basement. Focusing their attention only on shirts the company gradually grew larger over the years.

Owners Per and Eva Ahman     entered the buisiness at an early age, pressing collars and cutting cloth under their father's watchful eye. They soon learned the necessity of putting careful consideration and thought into every part of the process.

Oscar of sweden,a shirt made to the highest standards and with the best cloths available.

Today, Oscar shirts are designed and developed in Boras, Sweden and production is done in Poland, using the best quality fabrics chosen from mills across Europe. Oscar proudly stands for the best in make quality and the best in cloth quality.

Casual shirts in the softest cottons and with those styling touches that make all the difference.

They are very single minded about shirts. They want to make a shirt elegant enough to be worn to a Nobel Prize banquet.

A shirt made with care and attention,and with a story behind it. A shirt that makes you remarkable. To create that kind of a shirt takes a lot of thought. Not a single detail can be left to chance.

So they search for new ideas, travelling the world to find them if necessary. They study the worlds best fabrics and yarns and take their time to think about it. So far, the sketch pad is empty. But not for long.

Making a perfect shirt is precision work. Their tailors, designers and engineers share a mutual task: Creating that perfect shirt. Starting in 1949, they have had the time to overcome all obstacles and correct mistakes. To simply get it right. It is still a challenge though. Perhaps it lays in the nature of this work, where everything changes all the time. So they continue to strive for perfection. Building from a foundation of acquired knowledge, they look forward to the next 60 years and what it might bring.

Crisp buisiness shirts that always look perfect.Perfect fit perfect quality.